Urban Network & Round Table

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Supporting the Church’s mission in urban communities

The Urban Network brings together those who wish to be involved in the Church’s work with poor communities in our inner-cities and outer estates. As individuals, agencies and groups, we are committed to:

1.) Enabling local people to act together for the common good

2.) raising issues of public policy relevant to urban communities

We meet two or three times a year at the Round Table and occasionally organise other initiatives (eg residential retreats). We keep in touch through personal contact and email. Membership and full participation in the Network is open to all without cost, and where we can we reimburse travel expenses for those who have no other way of funding their involvement.

We see ourselves within the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and of Faith in the City and Faithful Cities.

We are a network currently funded, supported and organised by the Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ), in which other agencies participate:

  • Caritas Social Action Network
  • Catholic Justice & Peace Network
  • Conference of Religious
  • Housing Justice
  • Christian Coalition for Urban Mission
  • Church Action on Poverty
  • Zaccheus 2000 Trust
  • Faithworks