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Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation Funds for Poverty Relief

Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation are making funds available to support charitable crisis funds and foodbanks. Click this link for the form AGCF Application Form - Covid 19 (002)  They ask that any applications are returned to More details will become available on their website over the coming days.

Poverty Relief and Emergency Grant Funding

For those seeking emergency grant funding, please see the spreadsheet via the link below, compiled by Power to Change. Please spread the word! Spreadsheet Information provided by Steve Summers - Development Worker The United Reformed Church.

Ethnic Minorities and Covid-19

On 23 April 2020, Mrs Yogi Sutton, Chair of CARJ, received an email from Rev Dr Alfred Banya, Head of Chaplaincy at Kings College Hospital in London.  Rev Banya said he had been seeing first hand the devastating effect of the virus on patients and relatives.  He went on to...

Poverty Relief Funds Available

Due to the ongoing hardship and financial crisis brought about by the coronovirus pandemic, a few new funds to support charities and poverty relief work have come online. Martin Lewis the Consumer expert and founder of is donating £1 million to charities helping others who have been affected by...

Some Relevant Guidance on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please see the following links for some updated guidance in various languages on Covid-19. Doctors of the World are updating their translated guidance and are busy adding new languages daily. This link has some information specific to the needs of Travellers, Gypsies and Boaters for Local Authorities.     Thanks to members of...