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Workshops on Diversity, Inequality and Racism in the UK

Diversity, Inequality and Racism in the UK – A Challenge for Catholic Education This Series of Workshops for School Chaplains, Teachers and others interested in Catholic Education, has been organised by the Catholic Association for Racial Justice with support from CAFOD’s Development Education Fund.  The Workshops will attempt to relate key...

Windrush Ambassadors Required

Community spirited individuals are being sort to make a real difference by ensuring that more people affected by the Windrush issue can receive the help and support they need, especially during these uncertain times.   What is the Windrush issue? The Windrush issue came to prominence in 2018, it affected long-term residents who could not prove their...

Serving a Multiethnic Society

Revisiting Guidelines set out for reviewing Catholic Organisations and Institutions produced by the Catholic Bishops in 1999 after the Macpherson Report on the Stephen Lawrence police investigation. Serving a Multiethnic Society

Press Release: CARJ Welcomes Promise to Implement Windrush Recommendations

The Windrush Lessons Learned Review led by Wendy Williams was published on 30 March 2020 with 30 recommendations. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has accepted all 30 recommendations and promised to implement them. This announcement by the Home Secretary is very welcome. The Government has also established a Windrush Working...