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CARJ Activities in 2022

Report of CARJ Activities 2022

The following are some of the activities organised by CARJ during the calendar

year 2022

Schools and Universities

  • During 2022, Helen Kilburn held two sessions of her course ‘Romish Empire’ at Notre Dame University London.  CARJ provided Mentors for students taking the course.
  • CARJ agreed to have an ongoing relationship of support with St Columba’s Catholic Boys School in Bexleyheath.  Gloria and Richard participated in a first exploratory zoom session with four of their staff on 14 January.  Yogi, Fr Phil, Suddie and Richard participated in a session on 4 February 2022.
  • On 8 February, Yogi made two presentations for Christ the King Sixth Form in Lewisham
  • Nicole gave talks in person at Wimbledon College on 14 July, at St Stephens Bexley on 24 July, and at St Joseph’s Crayford Kent on 11 October.
  • Yogi continues her involvement at Newhall School

Recent  Developments in Public Policy Workshops

During the summer 2022 CARJ organised a series of seven Zoom Workshops on key areas of public policy.  The workshops addressed the following topics::

  • The Sewell Report and Government Response
  • Education –  White Paper and the Report from the Commission on Young Lives
  • Policing – Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act and the Police Race Action Plan
  • Amending the Human Rights Act – The History of Human Rights in the UK and Proposals for Amending the Human Rights Act
  • Immigration and Nationality – Immigration & Nationality policy in the UK since the Second World War: and the Nationality and Borders Act
  • Health – RCN Employment Survey 2021: Workforce Diversity and Employment Experiences
  • Housing –Private Rented Sector White Paper, Social Housing Regulation Bill and The Grenfell Inquiry

Each of these Workshops lasted an hour with Speakers and ample time for questions and discussion.  In some cases, CARJ produced a Briefing following the Workshop.

CARJ Submission on the Police Race Action Plan

The Police Race Action Plan, released recently by National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing, set out the commitment of Chief Constables in England and Wales to become an anti-racist police service and to explain or reform race disparities.  It was the subject of the third summer workshop presented by David Michael on Sat 23 July.  Following the Workshop, CARJ made a submission to the NPCC.

Briefing on Government Proposal to Reform the Human Rights Act. 

CARJ produced a briefing following its Workshop on 4 August 2022.

Travellers Network

The CARJ Traveller Support Network met on 7 March, 11 July and 26 September 2022.  These meetings of the Network were an opportunity to share issues and concerns arising from the mission and ministry to Travellers.  They were also an opportunity to discuss issues arising in the public realm. 

Christian Network Against Caste Discrimination (CNACD). 

The Network continues to meet regularly.  They held  synodality listening sessions on 29 January and 19 February 2022.  They have been raising funds for a Dalit Desk UK – with partial funding they have appointed Nalini Nathan part-time coordinator.

 Report of Synodality – Listening Sessions

CARJ held two Synodality Listening Sessions on 20 and 27 November 2021.  A Report of the Sessions was completed and sent to CBCEW early in 2022.  CARJ Trustee Nalini Nathan has written a Response to the Synod Synthesis Report produced by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. In the Response she expressed support for the Report, however she noted that it would be a mistake to assume that the absence of critical voices of colour meant that people of colour are well represented and have had a seat at the table.

Talks and Presentations

Margaret Ann Fisken gave a Presentation on ‘Racial Justice and Fratelli Tuitti’  for Pax Christi Scotland on 21 September 2022.

Black History Month

For CARJ the focus of Black History Month was a Booklet and a Calendar with the theme ‘Africa Lives in Northern England’.  We made these available to individuals and to schools who expressed an interest..


The CARJ AGM was held on Saturday 5 November 2022.  The Speaker was

Chine McDonald, author of God is not a White Man.  She spoke on the topic ‘God, race and the imago Dei – Black women in the Church.’

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