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Seminar on School Exclusions

Lord, who shall we go to? 
You have the message of eternal life.’  (John: 6, 68)

This is the seventh workshop in the Series organised by the Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ) on Diversity, Inequality and Racism in the UK – A Challenge for Catholic Education:

Wednesday 13 October  (4:00 – 5:30) 
The Workshop will include a main presentation by Asha Sidhu, examining the Timpson Review (May 2019), ethnic minorities, alternative provision, and the impact of exclusion on pupils, families and communities.  A second speaker will reflect briefly on how the Catholic community might support all concerned.  These presentations will be followed by ample time for questions, comments and discussion.  The Session will be followed by a CARJ working group on exclusions and alternative provision.  
For further information and to register for the Workshop please contact CARJ, 9 Henry Rd, London N4 2LH.  020 8802 8080.  All those who register will be acknowledged and will be sent a link a few days prior to the event.  Participation is free of charge.

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