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“Many who are first will be last.” Jesus whispers.

Silence. Brown race, black face, eschatoi.

The global majority are now ethnic

minorities. You’re excluded from the race.

Parents teach your child. White race is the FAIR face.

School is free! healthcare is free! Death to the foreigner!

Only 178 billion from the arms race. It was a peaceful war on red, foreign soil.

Oh, the slavery of freedom…

“But many who are first will be last.” Jesus whispers.

We genocide-forgotten walk to the well. They gym-drive to walk the treadmill.

Today, thirty million slaves, but fossil-fueled electric cars pay the confessional bill.

Billionaire Bezos and zillionaire Zuckerberg; a Buffet of gluttony or Tartarus Gates.

Ashes to ashes. Where is the hope?

Dust to dust. White smoke for a pope.

It wasn’t us; it was them. It was those Brexiteers, those Tories, those Liberals, those Trads!

Eve – “It was Adam!”

Ignorance is strength… “But many who are first will be last.” Jesus whispered.

Remove homeless from homes for G7 summit: development bliss.

Climb the corporate ladder: if you are white and with a Judas kiss.

Seventy thousand UK racist hate crimes said.

Millions of Indigenous Americans, by Christian pilgrims dead.

But we will pray to our white saints who are fair and true.

But Rani Maria, Josephine, Kateri! Who will remember you?

Many who are first will be last, that’s a grace.

Could it be that to win, is to lose the race?

Nalini Nathan

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