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CARJ is looking for Volunteers to work with Prisoners

Volunteers are needed for work with Prisoners. Volunteers can play a very significant role in helping people in prison and post release. Prisoners value them greatly as they give their time to look after people who so often feel they are worthless. Volunteers motivated by their Catholic faith will have many gifts to offer the work of prison chaplaincies in helping men, women and children explore their faith and maybe re-connect with the life of the Church on release. There are many opportunities for people from minority ethnic backgrounds to partner in this work.

All those working or volunteering in prisons are subject to various vetting procedures

Volunteering in prisons can be very challenging and is not for everyone, but if you are well grounded in your Catholic faith and feel called to help, please contact

CARJ, 9 Henry Rd, London N4 2LH

020 8802 8080

Caritas Westminster and PACT will be hosting an evening for those interested in prison volunteering at Westminster Cathedral Hall on 11th October from 6pm – 8pm.


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