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CARJ Refugee Crisis Statement

If They Come, What Will They Find?

With desperate migrants and refugees fleeing into Europe from Syria, Libya, Eritrea, Afghanistan and other countries , we have to ask ourselves what will they find if they come to the UK? What kind of support and friendship will our Church and our society offer them?

Pope Francis has suggested that we must become a more ‘ listening, welcoming and accompanying’ Church. CARJ is committed to making this aspiration a reality, and to working with others of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to build a more just, more equal, more cooperative society.

This task has become an urgent challenge. Too often, we ask whether those coming here will accept ‘British values.’ We must ask whether we will live up to the human and Gospel values that encourage us to welcome the stranger and to treat every person as a brother or a sister.

We in CARJ are inviting you to join us – as members, friends, volunteers, trustees or partners – to face this challenge. Please get in touch with us if you would like to respond to this invitation.

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